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Authors: Lea Barrymire
of the weight. “You, more than anyone else I know, deserve some
love. You’ve spent years and years making it all better for us. It’s your turn
now. Give him a chance. Let him see you for who you really are. He’ll accept
you and your demon side, and if he doesn’t at least you will have tried.”
    A shudder shook through Vic’s body. Could she open herself
up to someone? She was lonely, and not just for friendship. Would Nick want to
actually see her and not just whatever female she could portray? There was no
way that thinking about it more would answer the question. Steeling her spine
and taking a deep breath helped. Take the step, girly—give your heart a
chance to find something other than more iciness.
    “Do you know how I can call him before Thursday?”
    The squeal that reverberated through her office nearly
deafened her. Gynger’s shrill screech was enough to wake the dead. “Oh my gods!
I knew you’d break down and call him.”
    Victoria sat back and watched her friend dance around her
office like a little girl. She couldn’t help the smile that graced her lips.
When Gynger decided to spin around in a messy version of a few ballet moves,
Vic figured she’d better get the other woman to stop. “Okay, you got your
celebratory jig in. Now. Are you going to help me?”
    Pulling a small piece of paper from her pocket, Gynger
grinned, flashing impish dimples in both cheeks. “Here are his numbers, both
home and office. Use your office phone so he’ll recognize that it’s you
calling.” She squealed again. “I’m so happy for you. There’s nothing like
finding your—”
    The silence sitting heavily between them was telling. Vic
swallowed the growl that threatened to vibrate from her chest. “Finding my
what, Gyn? My mate? Is that what you were going to say?”
    Anger bled through her veins, burning off the hope and
amusement that had been there moments before. Manipulation was nothing new to
her. She did it often to others, but having her friend do it to her was not
something she’d expected. They just couldn’t leave her alone, could they?
    “Yes. Victoria. Your mate. And, you know what? I know you’re
pissed. So be it. I’m sick of watching you limp through life being a ghost. You
don’t connect with anyone, ever. Not me, not the girls. For once someone will
be able to shake up your little world and hopefully pull you from it.” She took
a deep breath and scowled when Victoria started to say something. “I’m not
done. Is he your mate? I have no idea, but I do know that he wants you and no
one else. He spent thousands of dollars getting us to move him through the ranks
to get one night with you. Do you hear me? He bribed, promised, begged
all of us to get him to you for one chance of talking to you. He wants
you , and I won’t stand here and watch you throw this opportunity away
without a fight.”
    Watching Gynger spew her thoughts had thrown Victoria and
her anger into a tailspin. Was she reacting in anger because of fear? Had she
really been that hard to live with? Been a ghost? Yes, and you know it. She sighed. “Fine. I agree that I’ve been a harsh bitch lately. I’m not saying
he’s my mate. I refuse to admit to something like that, but I do enjoy talking
with him. Give me the paper.”
    Gynger extended her hand with the paper nestled in her palm.
“Promise you’ll give him a chance, please?”
    “Fine.” Vic touched the paper as if it were going to bite
her. “I’ll give him a chance, but if he fucks with my heart I’m eating him.”
    Ginger laughed. A flicker of something flashed in her eyes
before she spoke. “Fair enough. Oh, and I cleaned out a few slots on Thursday
if you want to give me a few of your clients.”
    “I don’t need to do that.”
    “I know. But you also don’t need to feed as deeply after
Nick.” She snorted at Victoria’s undignified sputtering. “No, don’t deny it. I
saw you running the stairs, offloading energy last week, and I know you

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