Taming The Tigers

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Authors: Tianna Xander
Tags: Paranormal, Adult, Erotic Romance, menage, shapeshifter
overheated from their close proximity.
    Her time at Oak Lake seemed like so long ago. It was almost in the realm of distant memory. So much had happened since she had arrived to find the job offer no longer valid. At the time, it had seemed as though her world had come crashing down on her, certain that she’d wasted her time driving all the way to California.
    She glanced in the mirror and stared critically at her too common brown hair and brown eyes. Why couldn’t she have been more exotic looking? She could have been a blonde, or a red head with blue or green eyes. Instead, she had the most common hair color and the most common brown eyes. What would they see in her? How could she possibly keep their attention over the years?
    Turning toward the door, she took a deep breath. They insisted that she was their mate. If that were true, they would be happy with the way she looked. They would be happy that her waist was just a little thick and her hips a bit too wide. If they loved her, it wouldn’t make a difference.
    Her main worry was that they had just met. How could they possibly feel anything for her but lust? Hell, even she felt a healthy dose of that. So much for waiting three days, you hussy.
    A rustling on the other side of the wall told her that they waited for her. If she wasn’t mistaken, she’d heard the click of the latch on the bedroom door.
    Her heart raced at the thought of walking out there without a stitch of clothing on. Would they still want her after seeing her full-figured body in the buff? Reaching for the knob, she closed her eyes and opened the door.
    Cool air rushed in, her nipples tightening with the cool breeze. Her heart thudded in her chest and her breath grew shallow. A groan came from the direction of the bed and she opened her eyes. Was that a good groan or an oh no, she’s not what I expected groan?
    Meeting Gable’s gaze, she released the breath she’d been holding. If his expression told her anything, it was that he liked what he saw. She cast her gaze lower, pressing her lips together.
    “Either you’re very happy to see me, or you plan to clobber someone over the head with that thing.” She waved toward his groin.
    “I’m very happy to see you.” The words game out on a low growl, almost as though he had a difficult time keeping his tiger at bay.
    “Where’s Malik?” she asked after a quick glance around the room proved he was nowhere in sight.
    “He’s down at the river taking a very cold bath.” He indicated his wet hair. I opted to use the shower in Malik’s room. I, too, felt... sticky.”
    “What’s wrong?” Why didn’t he approach her? With the way his cock bobbed in front of her, and the little pearl of fluid she saw at the tip, he had to find her at least passably attractive. Didn’t he?
    “I’m basking in your beauty.” He moved slowly, stalking her, almost as though he expected her to run away any moment. “Seeing you here like this is almost enough to make me believe in a benevolent god. I’m thanking all that is good that you are here and that you are ours. I’m almost afraid that you’re a dream and if I try to touch you, you’ll disappear and I’ll wake up... alone. It is one of my worst fears.”
    Carmen swallowed thickly. How did he always know what to do, what to say, to make her feel better? It was almost as though he was saying he loved her already, but that wasn’t possible. They barely knew each other.
    Normally, she wouldn’t sleep with a man she didn’t know. This was different. She was their mate. She hoped she was, at any rate—and if she wasn’t, she didn’t want to miss the opportunity of making love to the two men she felt the most comfortable with other than her uncles.
    Closing the space between them, she reached up, one hand cupping his cheek, the other wrapping around his neck to draw his head down to her. “Kiss me. I’m not going anywhere.”

Chapter Sixteen
    Gable stared down into Carmen’s beautiful

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