Seduced By the Congressman

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Authors: Roxie Rivera
Tags: sexy, steamy, Politics, explicit, taboo, roxie rivera, politician
    The second I ducked into the small room, I
realized my mistake. I spotted the impeccably dressed man with his
back to me and the phone he held to his ear. It took me only a
heartbeat to realize it was Jack Richmond, the conservative
politician headlining the night's fundraiser and one of my father's
good friends. Apparently, this room, a sort of staging area for the
ballroom, wasn't a safe hideout after all.
    I started to retreat but Jack turned just in
time to see me. The glimmer of recognition in his pale brown eyes
fixed me in place. With a crook of his finger, he beckoned me to
stay. Reluctantly, I stepped fully into the room and closed the
door behind me. He made a locking gesture with his hand. I thought
it odd but didn't hesitate to do as he'd asked. He probably didn't
want anyone else barging in on his private call.
    When he finished his call, he slipped his phone
into the inner pocket of his suit jacket. "So, Bee, what are you
running from?"
    He'd known me long enough to feel comfortable
using my father's nickname for me. I shrugged and leaned back
against the door. "I've heard enough speeches about health care and
family values to last me a lifetime."
    His smile surprised me. It wasn't the cheesy
politician smile plastered on his campaign materials. This was a
real, warm smile that momentarily disarmed me. "We're in Texas,
Bee. You're in the wrong state for hearing speeches on the liberal
    I rolled my eyes. "I'm not a
    "No?" His eyes glinted with amusement. "I'm
pretty sure that protest where you got picked up for disorderly
conduct had some rather liberal roots."
    I sighed. "It wasn't like that."
    "Your father would disagree."
    "My father is out of bounds tonight." The last
thing I wanted to do was talk about my father's disappointment in
    His smile faded and he took a step toward me.
"I'm sorry, Bee. I didn't mean to upset you."
    "It's fine."
    "It's not. I know things are tense between the
two of you. I shouldn't have gone there with the protest
    "No," I agreed. "But it is what it is,
    "He'll come around. You'll see. You're his baby
girl and he loves you."
    I bit my tongue instead of pointing out that my
father loved the person he wanted me to be not the person I
actually was. Desperate to change the subject, I asked, "So what's
your keynote speech about?"
    Jack chuckled. "Family values. Fiscal policy.
Health care reform."
    I groaned and tipped my head back against the
door. "I like you, Jack, but I don't think I can sit through
another speech like that."
    He feigned an injury and touched a hand to his
chest. "I'm hurt, Bee."
    That teasing grin of his warmed me. Not for the
first time, I was forced to admit that Jack had that sexy,
clean-cut thing going for him. He had classic good looks with his
square jaw and dark hair. I liked that he didn't do that shellac
hairstyle so many male politicians favored. He had that
All-American boyishness about him.
    There was something intriguing about the
congressman. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I had a feeling
that behind that squeaky clean, conservative façade, Jack Richmond
was a very naughty boy.
    He took two more steps, closing the short
distance between us. His scent, something woodsy and masculine,
enveloped me. My lower belly quivered as Jack's searing gaze raked
my body. I'd worn the most conservative cocktail dress I could find
but still showed just enough skin to keep it interesting. Jack's
expression displayed his appreciation for the small peek of tanned
    "Why don't you hide out here while I give my
    I liked his suggestion but shook my head. "I
barely managed to escape Daddy's watchful eye during the applause
between speakers. He'll probably send one of my handlers out to
look for me any second. I may as well head back to our
    "No one will know you're here." He slipped off
his glasses and tucked them into the front pocket of his
    "You know I'm here." I licked my lips

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