Being the Bad Boy's Victim

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Authors: Claire Monette
Connor announced.
    Matt and James shared looks as they nodded in agreement.
    “Here, come upstairs with me,” Connor said. “Still want that shower?”
    I nodded and took the towels Connor handed me.
    “You know where the bathroom is,” Connor said.
    Half an hour later
    That was, without a doubt, the best shower I’ve ever had! I thought as I turned it off. The shower had jets shooting from multiple directions, making the stream feel more like a massage than a quick bath. As I stepped out of the shower, wrapping myself in the towel, I looked around in the bathroom, searching for… clothes.
    Darn it!
    I realized that I hadn’t asked for a change of clothes. Damn it, I thought to myself. I left my clothes with Connor after he insisted that he wash it. The towel was already really short, stopping mid-thigh. Here goes nothing, I thought to myself as I opened the bathroom door.
    Wait, where’s Connor’s room? I stepped out into the hall and… slipped on my wet bandages.
    “Ahhh!” I shrieked as I fell down. I heard footsteps coming upstairs and I struggled to stand and get back into the bathroom.
    “You okay?” Connor asked, smirking along with Matt and James.
    “I’m fine, I…”
    And then the power went out, leaving me only in a towel and stuck with three guys in a house with no way to leave.
    “Fuck my life!” I groaned.


Chapter 06
    “Damn,” James muttered, “looks like we’re not going to have power for a while.” He stared out the window and at the blackish blue sky.
    A loud bang caused me to let out a startled shriek. It was just lightning that arced across the sky. Connor turned to me, smirking.
    “You’re nearly naked and dripping wet,” Connor observed. “This is going to be a fun night.”
    I scowled as they all laughed at my pitiful state.
    “Can I please just have some clothes?” I grumbled, tightening the towel around my body.
    “Why? I have a feeling you’re going to be losing it all very soon anyway,” Matt joked, causing all the guys to laugh again.
    I started to get annoyed as they continued to laugh at me.
    “Okay, okay. Follow me,” Connor said, amusement still in his tone.
    I glared because Matt and James continued laughing as I pushed past them, following Connor as he headed into a massive room. I stood there awkwardly as Connor pulled out a large t- shirt.
    “Uh… that’s all?” I asked.
    “Oh, yeah,” he said, walking out of the room. “Here you go,” he added, walking in with…
    “Give me those!” I snapped, grabbing my bra and panties from him. I was lucky that it was dark inside the room, which means he couldn’t see the bright blush that appeared on my cheeks.
    “Don’t be embarrassed,” Connor said almost gently. “36C is quite amazing.”
    I slapped his arm as I shrieked out curse words at him. Connor laughed, turning around.
    “Um, what are you doing?” I asked, confused.
    “Change,” he ordered, still not facing me.
    “What? Why don’t you leave?” I asked, annoyed.
    “Just change,” he ordered.
    I sighed. Like me, Connor could be very stubborn. But since I was staying at his house, I might as well try to be polite. I dropped the towel to the ground and quickly pulled on my panties and clipped my bra. Just as I was bending over to grab the t-shirt, the door was flung open.
    “I found the flash——” Matt froze.
    I let out a yelp and grabbed the t-shirt, holding it in front of myself.
    “What’s…?” James stopped, taking in the scene. “Already?” he asked, disbelief in his voice. “Dude, respect!” He cheered, holding out his fist to Connor, who, like James and Matt, was staring at me.
    “Shut up, James,” I snapped, holding the t-shirt closer.
    “So? You gonna put on the t-shirt?” Connor asked, now leaning against the wall with his signature smirk all over his face.
    I frowned and glared at them all, waiting for them to leave.
    “Don’t be embarrassed, we’ve seen it all,”

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