Alien Commander's Bride

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Book: Alien Commander's Bride by Juno Wells, Scarlett Grove Read Free Book Online
Authors: Juno Wells, Scarlett Grove
of space beyond.
    Dragons of various colors, shapes, and sizes flew below the blinking lights of the stars shining through the ceiling. Lexi stepped through the entrance and covered her mouth with her hands. She had never seen the dragons up close before, and she was shocked and amazed at how graceful and magnificent they truly were.
    She saw Nash standing at the edge of the floor, one of the only males in human form in the entire room. She walked toward him with excitement building in her belly—he looked so imposingly handsome, she tingled all over. He smiled back at her, and opened up his arms while showing his sharp teeth.
    “You’ve arrived, beloved,” he said, bringing her into his arms and patting her back.
    She pushed away gently and smiled shyly up at him, feeling overwhelmed by the massive space, and the dragons around her.
    “Is this what you wanted to show me?” she asked.
    “I wanted to show you my dragon,” he said, standing proudly as his officers stood beside him.
    “Okay.” Lexi felt both giddy and nervous at the same time. She’d seen dragons on the news, she’d even seen them flying above her neighborhood, but she’d never expected to see one up close. It all seemed so mythological, so foreign, so alien.
    He took a few steps back, puffing out his chest as he grinned down at her. He peeled off his uniform—with one flick of his finger, it disappeared. With a mighty roar, he tilted back his head and in the space of a few seconds, grew and morphed into a being the size of a killer whale, with wings covered in red scales, and a mouth of teeth that would frighten any monster.
    Lexi stepped back and gasped. She wasn’t sure if it was horror or excitement that she felt when she looked at her husband in his true form. He was a dragon, a mythological creature from centuries past. He was a barbarian god, from deep antiquity. Lexi’s heart clanged inside her chest, beating furiously with desire and arousal.
    Nash pumped his wings and jumped into the air, soaring high above her. The bright shining stars of the heavens couldn’t compare to the beauty and grace of his being. His power permeated the space. It came upon her in waves, and she could barely keep her knees from buckling under the weight of it.
    “Oh my God,” she gasped, her eyes wide. She couldn’t believe that this was the man she’d been given to. According to the Draconians, she was his soul mate—his one and only, his perfect match. Lexi might not believe that computers could find you true love, but she was beginning to believe it was possible that Nash could be the one.
    He dove, and circled, and rose into the air, seeming to do aerial acrobatics for her amusement. She laughed and clapped, cheering as he tried to impress her.
    Nash swooped down and landed gracefully on the floor, walking toward her in his Dragon form. Without missing a stride, he contorted, shifted, changed, and instead of the dragon, there was Nash walking toward her—the man who had been so kind and patient, the man that had taken control of the situation, even when she had no idea what to do. Even though the Draconians caused problems on Earth, Nash had shown that he was trying to solve them. He cared about her, and she could feel it.
    He came to her and took her hands, kissing the sensitive pulse points of her wrists. Lexi bit her lip and blinked, almost ready to let him show her how she would open to him.
    “That was amazing,” she said. “I’m kind of stunned. I can’t believe I was that close to a dragon.” She stared up at him with awe on her face.
    “You’ve been that close, and closer, this whole time.” He said this modestly, but she could tell that he was pleased by her reaction.
    “I know. But, you look human. It’s easy to forget that you aren’t.”
    “Were you pleased with what you saw?” he asked, a sexy smile on his face since he already knew the answer.
    “Pleased? It was magnificent. When I was a kid, I was really into dragons.

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