Love Over Time (Desert Monsoon, Book 2)


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Con-artist Nikki Swift has returned to her hometown to clear her sister’s name. All evidence was stacked against her sister fifteen years ago when she was sent to prison for a murder she didn’t commit. Nikki knows the killer is still out there and will do whatever it takes to bring her sister home, including living in a condemned hotel with hot as hell Henry and his major attitude problem.

Architect by day, poker player by night, Henry Cavalier wants nothing to do with bombshell Nikki — last he saw her, she skipped town with his money the day they were supposed to run away together when they were teenagers. It’s been fifteen years since his dad was murdered and his uncle sent Henry away to boarding school, taking over the Cavalier fortune. But when Henry finds out his uncle has kept his sick mom captive all this time, Henry realizes Nikki’s particular skill set is exactly what he needs to rescue his mom and steal his fortune back.

To keep her promise to her sister and get the life she once dreamed of with Henry, Nikki will need to pull off one last heist. But can he trust the con-artist who broke his heart once upon a time with a heist that means everything?

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